WEBINAR: Mental Health in Digital World


Recording of the webinar “Mental Health in Digital World” led by Katarzyna Romanowicz, on October 10, 2023.

The webinar is aimed at everyone who feels that this topic relates to them and wants to learn why and how to take care of their mental health.

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What will you learn after watching the webinar?

✔ What is the connection between Digital World and Mental Health?
✔ What are the areas of our mental health that are most likely to be affected by massive use of digital tools?
✔ Digital Minimalism: is it worth applying and to what extend?
✔ What are the feasible ways to care for our mental health in digital world?

Katarzyna Romanowicz ETTA

Consultant – Katarzyna Romanwoicz

The meeting was held by Katarzyna Romanowicz, Cross-Cultural Trainer & Consultant. On a daily basis, she supports the development of communication skills of those who often prefer virtual contact: engineers and IT employees, which is why the virtual world and the challenges associated with it are well known to her. In addition, she works with hybrid teams as their leader or associate since 2005.

Participant’s opinions:

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us. Very much appreciated ”

Irina, Managing Partner

“I like the analogy with the diet. Amount is very important as well as the content – what you eat and consume digitally”

Dawid, IT Manager

“I will take up some offline activities – like walks, biking, social meetings in the city”

Dorota, HR Leader