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Sharing knowledge is a big part of our business. Here you will find resources on working in international, virtual teams. See how we work!

ETTA open webinars

webinary ETTA sklep online

Here you will find recordings of open webinars organised by the ETTA team.

webinary komunikacja międzykulturowa ETTA

Giving feedback, typical misunderstandings in communication, approach to hierarchy.

webinary lider wirtualnego zespołu ETTA

Managing teams with the human being in the center of attention. Inclusive leadership in a diverse team.

webinary praca zdalna ETTA

Problem solving, self-management and working with people in a virtual environment. Mental health and psychological safety.

A Step Ahead

A Step Ahead podcast by Monika Chutnik

A Step Ahead is a podcast for Leaders of Change. It is hosted by Monika Chutnik – owner and founder of ETTA. She invites people to join the conversation to share good practices and their business experiences.


Fostering Meaningful Connections in the Digital Workplace

In today’s ever-evolving professional landscape, the significance of fostering meaningful connections within virtual teams has become increasingly pronounced. As Monika …

Embracing Inclusive Leadership by Overcoming Stereotypes

In a world where diversity and inclusion are increasingly important, understanding and overcoming stereotypes is a crucial aspect of fostering an inclusive …

The Essential Guide to Virtual Onboarding

In today’s evolving work environment, virtual onboarding has become a critical aspect of integrating new employees into an organization. As businesses …

Our YouTube channel

WEBINAR ETTA Managing Ukrainians – effective intercultural cooperation

The goal of the webinar is to give you an overview of Ukrainian business culture and to learn how to manage Ukrainian employees effectively.

Szkolenie dla wirtualnego zespołu – online czy face to face?

Często dostajemy zapytanie o to, w jakiem formie najlepiej zorganizować szkolenie – stacjonarnie czy online. Tu znajdziesz odpowiedź Moniki Chutnik.

Jak podtrzymywać relacje w zespole zdalnym za pomocą komunikatorów online?

Praca zdalna ma swoje wyzwania – jednym z nich jest zbudowanie i utrzymanie relacji. Naszą wskazówką jest komunikacja asynchroniczna, czyli komunikatory.

Media publications

ASA 003 Kasia Romanowicz & Monika Chutnik A Steo Ahead Psychological Safety in virtual Teams

Psychological Safety in a Virtual Team

In this episode of podcast Monika Chutnik and Kasia Romanowicz are talking about Psychological Safety – what is it and how to drive it in your team.

War in Ukraine. What you can do to help. Benchmarks for individuals and business.

Russist invasion on Ukraine has a global impact. Check what you can do to help the people and stop the war.