FAQ – here you will find answers to frequently asked questions

We always start with a conversation and getting to know your needs – both in terms of the goal of the training, its format and the people who will be taking part. You can contact us via the contact form at the bottom of the page, by emailing iLike@ettagoglobal.com, or by contacting our Customer Relationship Manager Aleksandra Jarocińska directly. The next step is to prepare an offer for you with a proposal for cooperation, scope of support and pricing.

As experts in developing leaders working in a virtual and international environment, we invite our trainees to participate in webinars and virtual workshops, as the online world is their daily workplace. However, we understand the importance of face-to-face contact, so we are happy to start a conversation about your onsite/offsite training! Whatever the format, our sessions are engaging, practical and based on business experience.

The training is conducted in the form of virtual workshops, there are two meetings of 3.5 hours each. These can be two consecutive days, but we encourage a break between sessions so that participants have time to complete the implementation task and reflect on the content of the first workshop. For larger groups, we offer webinars that last between 1 and 1.5 hours.

The workshops has a minimum of 1 (one-to-one sessions) and a maximum of 12 participants. Such a training group works with one trainer. Sessions for management teams? Are run by two trainers. Do you have more people to train? Feel free to discuss the best solution!

There is no limit to the number of webinar participants. The only limitations are based on the platform on which the meeting is planned. The standard solution is 100-200 people, but we have also realized sessions for 1000.

The price of training depends on the format of work with a group, number of participants, and length of a project. However, we do not differentiate between courses conducted in Polish and in English. We invite you to talk to us in order to get a quote!

No, our trainings are closed sessions for groups within one organization. But we won’t leave you in need! ? In our knowledge base, you’ll find resources to explore the topics you’re interested in on your own. We also invite you to our open webinars, which you can find out about in our newsletter, or by following our profile on Linkedin.

Virtual workshops are never recorded because we are committed to confidentiality during training. We create a psychologically safe environment for participants to share their challenges and examples from their professional lives. However, it is possible to record a webinar and use the recording by the client for further internal development purposes – adding it to the knowledge base, using it in the onboarding process, etc.

For each project we recommend a trainer, taking into account specialization in the area of training, specificity of training recipients, and availability. Get to know our consultants here.

The question is on which ones we do not deliver ?. We adapt to the tool used by the client. The most popular platforms are Zoom, MS Teams, Adobe Connect, Google Meet, ClickMeeting. During our training sessions, we also invite participants to explore virtual whiteboards, surveys, and forms. Each session delivered by ETTA is supported by a Virtual Training Producer – a person who provides technical support to the trainer and participants to make the development process smooth and interactive.

Each of our training can be conducted in Polish or English and it does not influence its price. Our trainers are fluent in both languages. We also train in other languages – ask about the possibility according to your needs.

Yes! We invite you to our knowledge base, where we publish materials on intercultural cooperation, managing hybrid teams, diversity & inclusion. Webinars, podcasts, articles – depending on how you like to absorb knowledge. You can also join an open webinar – you can find out about it by subscribing to our newsletter or by following us on LinkedIn.

Definitely yes! ETTA trainings require participants to engage in the training process, joining forum discussions, working in smaller groups, solving case studies, and generating solutions, all under the supervision of a trainer who takes care of the necessary content input and effective teamwork during the workshop. Webinars are sessions focused on the transfer of knowledge, but even here the participants are invited to discuss in chat, and take part in voting and surveys allowing them to engage more in the session. Having worked with leaders in global organizations for over 12 years, our programs are based on business practice, not academic theory.


Yes! The trainings presented on our website are the most popular development topics that we currently deliver. Our goal is to develop the competencies of the future that are necessary to work in an international, virtual environment.  If you have an idea for a development project, let’s talk about it. And if you want to get inspired, take a look at the case studies from our implementations.