BANI world – what does it mean for global leaders?

We live in a times where…

many situations are simply unstable, they’re chaotic,

outcomes are hard to foresee,

we are overstimulated,

we are externally motivated,

we live in a constant rush,

and we don’t know what will happen tomorrow.


What is the VUCA world?

V – Volatility: lack of stability and predictability

U – Uncertainty: lack of ability to foresee what major changes might be coming

C – Complexity: moving in ways experts have never seen before

A – Ambiguity: problems in understanding what is the best course of action


VUCA simply describes changing environment.


Why BANI, not VUCA anymore?

It has been useful to describe the times we have lived in so far and helped us to understand the first impact of the pandemic situation. – Jamais Cascio


Why has the VUCA concept lost its relevance?

The environment has changed so much in recent years that new terminology is needed to explain it. The VUCA concept became obsolete and began to describe things that alienate us from reality. The tools of the VUCA framework don’t help us to understand what will happen.


What is the BANI world?

B – Brittle: easy to shatter, subjected to a total and sudden failure.

A – Anxious: fear that any choice we can make might be the wrong one

N – Nonlinear: disconnection between cause and effect in time, proportion, perception

I – Incomprehensible: extremely difficult, if not impossible, to understand.


RAAT model for leaders in BANI world: Brittleness - resillience & purpose, Anxiety - attention, empathy & mindfulness, Nonlinearity - adaptaion & agility, Incomprehensibility - Transparency & Intuition


What do you need in BANI world?


What do you need in BANI world in terms of Communication, Management, Leadership


If VUCA resents the old world(1977), BANI shows us a new reality, where you don’t need to run from unpredictable problems. You need to look a little bit forward and think about them from another perspective. You don’t need to be afraid of problems, you need to be authentic and positive. – Students, CDV, 2023



If you want to learn more about this topic, check the full webinar: BANI – what does it mean for global leaders?


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Photo by Jason Goodman on Unsplash