WEBINAR: Generating ideas in a hybrid workplace


Recording of the webinar Generating ideas in a hybrid workplace, led by Kateryna Chwiszczuk, on October 18, 2021.

The webinar is aimed at all those who manage hybrid teams and want to develop their effectiveness in conducting engaging meetings and generating creative ideas.

When you buy a webinar, you get indefinite access to the recording, presentation, and sketchnote.



What will you learn after watching the webinar?

✔ What are top creative thinking skills?
✔ What stops us from having more ideas and how to overcome it?
✔ How to generate great ideas at hybrid work?
✔ Techniques and methods for problem-solving

Consultant – Kateryna Chwiszczuk

The meeting was held by Kateryna Chwiszczuk, an intercultural trainer, who was born in Ukraine. She has over 10 years of experience working in international corporations with clients mainly from the French and Swiss markets in the areas of finance, HR and payroll, and customer service. She also has experience in being a team leader.

Participant’s opinions:

“I will definitely try the reverse brainstorming method at the next virtual team meeting.”

Agata, Branch Manager

“I will try in my team coming back to the common goal (in case of conflicts etc), and asking the question: why we are here and what is our goal.”

Magdalena, HR Manager

“Thank you very much for a useful and nice webinar.”

Bożena, Consultant