WEBINAR: Networking in Virtual Teams


Recording of the webinar Networking in Virtual Teams led by Monika Chutnik, on November 21, 2023.

The webinar is aimed at all those who lead or work in virtual teams and to learn how to network, meet new people and build great working relationships online. It will be helpful for HR, leaders and employees.

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What will you learn after watching the webinar?

✔ Why would we care about networking at all
✔ Who need networking most at the workplace
✔ Would networking be perceived differently across cultures?
✔ 8 great tips for networking online
✔ How to propose a virtual coffee to a colleague you don’t (yet) know
✔ How might your manager help you in networking online

Consultant – Monika Chutnik

The meeting was held by Monika Chutnik, an experienced trainer and speaker, guiding leaders on how to lead international virtual teams. Monika is a founder of ETTA Leadership & Culture, a successful consultancy working fully remote, SIETAR Polska, and www.oKrokDoPrzodu.pl a best practice portal for leaders and change agents. She has worked for Fortune 500 businesses and trained leaders from all continents.

Participant’s opinions:

“Very interesting and engaging session! I really enjoyed it :)”

Monika, Global HR

“Thank you, very interesting webinar! There was a lot of interesting points of discussion brought by Monika Chutnik during the session ????”

Paulina, IT Recruiter

“Thank you so this interesting webinar and a lot of knowledge.”

Anonymous Participant