WEBINAR: Inclusive Leadership


Recording of the webinar Inclusive Leadership led by Katarzyna Romanowicz, on September 22, 2022.

The webinar is aimed at everyone who manages hybrid or remote teams (but not only) and wants to learn what Inclusive Leadership is and how to implement it in their work.

When you buy a webinar, you get indefinite access to the recording and presentation.


What will you learn after watching the webinar?

✔ Inclusive leadership – what is it and why is it in high demand today?
✔ Qualities of inclusive leaders – what is the “value added” comparing to “regular” leadership?
✔ Challenges – why isn’t everyone an inclusive leader? Personal, relational, and organizational factors
✔ Examples and good practices – how do inclusive leaders and their teams work?

Katarzyna Romanowicz ETTA

Consultant – Katarzyna Romanowicz

The meeting was held by Katarzyna Romanowicz, Cross-Cultural Trainer & Consultant. On a daily basis, she supports the development of communication skills of those who often prefer virtual contact: engineers and IT employees, which is why the virtual world and the challenges associated with it are well known to her. In addition, she works with hybrid teams as their leader or associate since 2005.

Participant’s opinions:

“Thanks a lot for the webinar, it was quite more useful than I’m used to.”

Krzysztof, Busines Analyst

“I really like that the mental/inner diversity inclusion was ment.”

Piotr, Director

“Thank you for webinar. It’s very interesting and very practical.”

Anna, Recruiter