Sylwia Chmielewska

Sylwia Chmielewska

Project & Marketing Manager

It is thanks to Sylwia’s actions that you are on this website, attend open webinars or keep in touch with ETTA through social media. By combining marketing and sales activities she shares what is most valuable in our company – business knowledge and practical experience.

Areas of expertise

At ETTA I am responsible for:

  • B2B marketing – providing valuable content, organising open webinars, updating the company page,
  • taking care of the community built around ETTA through contact in social media and regular newsletters,
  • managing training projects, which allows me to stay up to date with current challenges faced by HR and leaders.

English, Polish, German, Spanish


visual thinking in business, creating sketchnotes, learning about new cultures “from behind the scenes”, walking while listening to podcasts