Jacek Olszewski

Jacek Olszewski

Trainer, negotiator, mediator. Since 2005 he has been running an international business.

He introduces technical companies from Italy, China, and Turkey to the Polish market. It is thanks to these everyday relations that he realises the importance of understanding and clear communication between both sides. During cross-cultural trainings, he does not fight with stereotypes but helps to understand their genesis and influence on business. He believes in the power of relationships between people.

Areas of expertise

Jacek is a practitioner, working as a translator, negotiator, and trader. In his trainings he is most keen on the following areas:

  • Effective intercultural cooperation and communication (time approach, building relationships and trust, managing dispersed teams),
  • International Customer Service (conducting business talks, negotiations, online and f2f communication),
  • Expansion into foreign markets (cultural differences, savoir-vivre and business etiquette).
He has worked with

Aperam, Aptiv, Baltic Wood, Ceramika Tubądzin, Colgate, Electrolux, Fakro, Johnson Electric, Kaercher, LG Energy Solution, PKO Leasing, Port Lotniczy Lublin Świdnik, Royal Canin, Schneider Electric, Siemens, SITS, Unilever, Viessmann.


English, Italian, Polish


Privately, he likes to check out what’s around the corner, from which some pretty long trips come. During heavy metal concerts he is usually in front of the stage. Once a ¼ mile race driver, today he relaxes behind the wheel of a much slower car.