Anna Pawlus

Anna Pawlus

Project Manager, producer of online sessions

In the ETTA team, Ania takes care of organisational issues and finalizes all logistical details of online and sometimes offline events. During training sessions, she provides technical (and psychological) support for both trainers and participants. She takes care of the flow of the session, providing the necessary links and materials, as well as dividing the groups into smaller practice groups. As a typical “peach”, she enjoys interacting with those attending our sessions.

Areas of expertise

At ETTA I am responsible for:

  • managing training projects – from diagnosing needs, to collecting feedback and producing a summary report,
  • production of webinars and workshops on various virtual platforms (Zoom, MS Teams, Adobe Connect, Google Meet, ClickMeeting),
  • ongoing contact with the project sponsor and the people attending the sessions.

English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Polish


dancing (salsa, bachata, kizomba, forró), travelling small and big (preferably backpacking ❤️), learning foreign languages “in practice” and connecting people