WEBINAR: Unmasking Depression in the Workplace


Recording of the webinar “Unmasking Depression in the Workplace” led by Katarzyna Romanowicz, on February 8, 2024.

The webinar is aimed at managers, leaders, HR representatives and team members who want to understand the topic of depression and learn how to deal with it in the workplace.

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What will you learn after watching the webinar?

✔ What is depression and how common it is?
✔ How do I know if my colleague is suffering from depression? Symptoms and masks of depression – examples
✔ How to talk about depression with my team members? Creating a supportive environment
✔ Where to redirect my colleague – how to get help?

Katarzyna Romanowicz ETTA

Consultant – Katarzyna Romanwoicz

The meeting was held by Katarzyna Romanowicz, Cross-Cultural Trainer & Consultant. On a daily basis, she supports the development of communication skills of those who often prefer virtual contact: engineers and IT employees, which is why the virtual world and the challenges associated with it are well known to her. In addition, she works with hybrid teams as their leader or associate since 2005.

Participant’s opinions:

“I have a better understanding of how to spot a depression symptom in an employee and how to approach the topic in the team”

Barbara, Product Manager

“My takeaway is the updated list of helpline phone numbers :)”

Małgorzata, Team Leader

“It was a very important topic to address, thank you a lot for this!”

Marta, Delivery Leader