WEBINAR: Increased diversity in a team – how to manage it?


Recording of the webinar Increased diversity in a team – how to manage it?, led by Monika Guzek, on May 10, 2022.

The webinar is aimed at all those who manage diverse teams and want to learn more about diversity & inclusion.

When you buy a webinar, you get indefinite access to the recording, presentation, and sketchnote.


What will you learn after watching the webinar?

✔ The 4 Layers of Diversity in the Workplace
✔ Why Diverse Teams Are Smarter? – example of the beneficial effects of promoting diversity in the team
✔ Diversity and Inclusion: 5 best practices for improving your team culture

Consultant – Monika Guzek

The meeting was held by Monika Guzek – Intercultural & Virtual Teams Expert. For the last 12 years, She’s been involved in B2B and B2C marketing, actively supporting sales departments in their daily work, and adapting products and sales support methods to local customer preferences. She has international experience as a Project Manager, while she was responsible for strategic, marketing, and implementation projects in the countries of the EMEA region, South America and Southeast Asia.

Participant’s opinions:

“Diverse teams are smarter ;-).”

Joanna, HR Manager

“Inclusion must be consciously worked on.”

Marta, CEO

“I like a diversity working for an innovation people and teams.”

Anna, Specialist