WEBINAR: How To Conduct Effective Meetings


Recording of the webinar “How To Conduct Effective Meetings” led by Magdalena Żymełka, on November 7, 2023.

The webinar is aimed at everyone who manages hybrid or remote teams (but not only) and wants to learn some great solutions for conducting meetings which are not a waste of time.

When you buy a webinar, you get indefinite access to the recording and presentation.



What will you learn after watching the webinar?

✔ What makes an effective meeting
✔ How to tailor a meeting to your needs
✔ The cost of ineffective meetings
✔ Tips on how can you make your meetings better

Consultant – Magdalena Żymełka

Magda supports the development of leadership and managerial competencies in cross-cultural and distributed teams from different sectors. Additionally, she helps managers and their teams to effectively manage diverse teams, including effective collaboration and communication in a cross-cultural environment.

Participant’s opinions:

“My takeaway: Goal of the meeting: use verbs that show action.”

Emilia, HR Professional

“The webinar was excellent, thank you so much! ”

Anonymous Participant

“It was one of the most value meeting I have ever been.”

Anonymous Participant