WEBINAR: Feedback – Cross-Cultural Way


Recording of the webinar Feedback – Cross-Cultural Way led by Emilia Kovalcsik, on February 1, 2023.

The webinar is aimed at everyone, both leaders and team members, who works in cross cultural environment. It will help to manage giving and receiving feedback.

When you buy a webinar, you get indefinite access to the recording and presentation.


What will you learn after watching the webinar?

✔ What makes feedback constructive?
✔ Is constructive feedback the same in all cultures?
✔ Which cultures prefer direct & and which indirect feedback?
✔ What to keep in mind when preparing for a feedback session in intercultural teams?

Consultant – Emilia Kovalcsik

The meeting was held by Emilia Kovalcsik, leadership trainer, life & business coach. For 16 years she led teams and projects as a finance professional in multinational companies. She became a professional coach because she believes that the world needs kind and strong leaders who are not afraid to show their sensitivity, respect and trust to others, empower and make their people grow.

Participant’s opinions:

“Extremely valuable, it’good to see the approches written down and presented in as simple an accessable way.”

Agnieszka, Supply Manager

“It was very nice to notice that everybody has a different preferences to receiving feedbacks so it is good to ask.”

Sabina, Sales Representative

“Extremely interesting, knowledgeable webinar with great concept, thank you!”

Kamila, Learning & Talent Development Specialist