WEBINAR: Asynchronous Communication. For deep work and great teams.


Recording of the webinar Asynchronous Communication. For deep work and great teams. led by Monika Chutnik, on October 5, 2022.

The webinar is aimed at all those who manage hybrid or fully remote teams and want to develop their effectiveness in asynchronous communication.

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What will you learn after watching the webinar?

✔ Why go asynchronous? Challenges of hybrid/remote work.
✔ What is asynchronous communication and when to apply?
✔ What do progessive organisations do to keep their conhesion and engagement high? Benchmarks!
✔ Would it ever work for building relationships?!

Consultant – Monika Chutnik

The meeting was held by Monika Chutnik, an experienced trainer and speaker, guiding leaders on how to lead international virtual teams. Monika is a founder of ETTA Leadership & Culture, a successful consultancy working fully remote, SIETAR Polska, and www.oKrokDoPrzodu.pl a best practice portal for leaders and change agents. She has worked for Fortune 500 businesses and trained leaders from all continents.

Participant’s opinions:

“Regardless of psychological considerations, I see that async seems a valid type of work not only when it’s necessary.”

Krzysztof, Business Analyst

“I feared being isolated from the team because of too many home office days. Today it was great to hear that whole companies work remotely.”

Carmen, Accountant

“My takeaway is to try various asynchronous ways to connect with my team, and not rely on synchronous ones.”

Barbara, Team Leader