Monika Chutnik talks about Scandinavian business habits at the SPCC meeting

On May 8th, 2014 at Radisson Hotel Blue in Wroclaw, an exceptional ceremonial party took place to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce (SPCC). ETTA was one of the partners of the meeting. Monika Chutnik’s presentation “Doing business with Scandinavians” generated a lot of positive energy among the participants!


photo: Krzysztof Szymoniak

Scandinavia is diversified. It becomes apparent, for example, during the first contact in regards to approach to time or different style of work. Habits connected with listening and  s of speaking are also very different.

Monika Chutnik introduced all participants to that topic in an original way. She proposed the following points:

  1. Scandinavians like good humour!
  2. There is a grain of truth in any joke!

For all the invited guests, ETTA prepared a short, special task. After getting (could also say receiving) one of the cards with a piece of a joke from various Scandinavian countries, their task was to find the missing part of the joke among the other people. What happened?? Everybody couldn’t help smiling, laughing, and chatting already before the start of the ‘unofficial’ part of the meeting! It was a great way to break the ice or naturally address the topic while also creating an atmosphere for rapport building.

networking_relacja relacja-1

photo: Krzysztof Szymoniak

The small session was a great opportunity to broaden knowledge about business relationships with people from Scandinavian countries, as well as to establish numerous new business contacts with representatives of the companies associated in the Chamber.

And what about the jokes which were used during the presentation? Take a look here!