Mental Health & Wellbeing

Wellbeing in a Virtual Team

Thriving, Struggling, or Suffering? Explore the dynamics of team wellbeing in virtual settings with ETTA. Participants will learn to identify signs of well-being and distress among team members and discover strategies to foster a supportive and inclusive virtual culture.

Who is this training for?

For leaders, managers and team members working remotely who want to take care of their wellbeing and be able to support their teams.

Consult this training

    What you will learn in the virtual workshop:
    • What are the elements of wellbeing at work?
    • How can we care about ourselves and others?
    • What to do if you think your colleague might have a challenge with mental health?
    • How they do it – cases from other companies and lessons learned
    Advantages of the virtual training
    • guarantee of interactive participation in training with the use of online engaging tools
    • half-day workshops allow flexible organization of the workday
    • relationships building with remote colleagues through joint participation in training
    • participation in the workshop from anywhere, all you need is access to a computer

    Virtual workshop program

    Module I

    Wellbeing – introduction

    • What are the elements of wellbeing at work? Is it possible to manage it?
    • Self-assessment – evaluating personal and team’s wellbeing
    • What are the struggles of working in a virtual team? How are they related to wellbeing
    • Work-life balance work-life integration, work-life harmony? What they mean and is it possible to achieve them?
    • Crucial elements of building wellbeing in a virtual team
    • Building trust as a fundament of good cooperation
    • Communication – how to maintain it effectively when we work online?
    • Interactions among team members – should a leader help maintaining them?

    Module II

    Wellbeing in a team

    • Self care – how we can understand it and support others in the process
    • Developing others – who is responsible for whatShould a manager make any decisions?
    • Appreciation, celebrating successes and recognition as great tool to build thriving teams
    • DE&I – what it means and how is it connected to wellbeing?
    • Feedback – tool for wellbeing check-ups and building trust
    • Will conflict destroy harmony in the team? Can it also be a positive thingConflict types and how to manage them 
    • How they do it – cases from other companies and lessons learned 
    • How to make it work – creating own plan to improve personal and team’s wellbeing  

    Project flow

    Diagnosis and prework
    • in-take interview with the project sponsor
    • diagnosis of participants’ needs (online questionnaire and calls)
    • prework for participants (material to watch, read or listen to)
    Virtual workshops
    • training divided into 2 workshops, 3,5 hours each
    • interactive working methods: discussions, chat, virtual board, questionnaires, videos, case studies, breakout rooms, external tools (Mentimeter, Miro, Funretro)
    • participants: up to 12 people
    Summary and follow up
    • training materials for participants
    • access to the ETTA knowledge base
    • follow up call with the project sponsor