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Networking and relationship building in the hybrid setting

Invest in the professional development of your team by enrolling them in a workshop that equips them with the skills and strategies to excel in networking and relationship building, driving individual and organizational success in the hybrid setting. Help your teams to forge strong connections, collaborate effectively, and drive collective success.

Who is this training for?

For leaders, managers and employees, who want to learn about networking and relationship building in the hybrid setting.

Consult this training

    What you will learn in the virtual workshop:
    • you will learn how to effectively network and build relationships in both virtual and in-person settings,
    • you will hone communication techniques to foster genuine connections,
    • you will gain insights into strategic relationship building for career advancement,
    • you will explore cultural nuances and diversity considerations in networking and relationship building.
    Advantages of the virtual training
    • guarantee of interactive participation in training with the use of online engaging tools
    • half-day workshops allow flexible organization of the workday
    • relationships building with remote colleagues through joint participation in training
    • participation in the workshop from anywhere, all you need is access to a computer

    Virtual workshop program

    Module 1

    Foundations of networking

    • Networking – facts and myths about it
    • What it means to building relationships in hybrid settingHow is it different from online and only facet-to-face environments
    • Why networkingSetting up goals and personal needs
    • Where I can network with others? Virtual, hybrid and offline opportunities
    • Communication skills – how to be effective and engage others
    • Active listening – what it means and why is it the most useful networking tool
    • What it means to build successful relationship – creating and evaluating networking goals
    • Case study – practical session​​

    Module 2

    Mastering networking

    • Hybrid body language – what you say without saying anything
    • Personal brand – is it needed to be successful?
    • How to network with GenZ? Will it be different than with people from other generations? 
    • Netwoking and building relationships across cultures
    • Building and maintaining relationships with others – what to do and avoid
    • Avoiding faux paux – what are the most common mistakes and how to escape them
    • Is it possible to measure networking success? How to do it?
    • Case study – practical session

    Project flow

    Diagnosis and prework
    • in-take interview with the project sponsor
    • diagnosis of participants’ needs (online questionnaire and calls)
    • prework for participants (material to watch, read or listen to)
    Virtual workshops
    • training divided into 2 workshops, 3,5 hours each
    • interactive working methods: discussions, chat, virtual board, questionnaires, videos, case studies, breakout rooms, external tools (Mentimeter, Miro, Funretro)
    • participants: up to 12 people
    Summary and follow up
    • training materials for participants
    • access to the ETTA knowledge base
    • follow up call with the project sponsor