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Critical Thinking and Analysis

Elevate your skills with this comprehensive workshop on Critical Thinking and Analysis. Ideal for professionals seeking to enhance their critical thinking capabilities. This session focuses on developing the ability to evaluate information objectively and make reasoned judgments. Participants will learn key techniques for analyzing data, identifying biases, and constructing logical arguments.

Who is this training for?

For leaders, managers and employees, who want to enhance their critical thinking skills.

Consult this training

    What you will learn in the virtual workshop:
    • you will understand how to understand critical thinking in your roles,
    • you will learn about the four phases of critical thinking,
    • you will learn the most common mistakes in our thinking and how to make them neutral​,
    • you will gain the essence of strategic and critical thinking.
    Advantages of the virtual training
    • guarantee of interactive participation in training with the use of online engaging tools
    • half-day workshops allow flexible organization of the workday
    • relationships building with remote colleagues through joint participation in training
    • participation in the workshop from anywhere, all you need is access to a computer

    Virtual workshop program

    Module 1

    Foundations of critical thinking

    • How do we understand critical thinking in our roles?
    • The four phases of critical thinking:
    • Phase 1. Execute – the foundation of critical thinking
    • Execution combined with critical thinking – the power of suggestions and how to use them effectively
    • The questions to be asked to develop the power of critical thinking at this stage
    • Phase 2. Synthesize – the most important competence not to get overwhelmed by the amount of information and changes
    • Identifying what’s important – how to refer to your personal or organizational needs?
    • How to develop the muscle of synthesizing – practical activities

    Module 2

    Mastering critical thinking

    • Phase 3. Recommend – the strategic mindset in action
    • How not to get discouraged when recommending
    • Recommending alternatives – how to balance the number of recommendations with the needs?
    • Phase 4. Generate – how to convert visions and ideas into a feasible plan?
    • Prioritizing the possible actions and letting go of impossible ones
    • The most common mistakes in our thinking and how to make them neutral
    • The essence of strategic and critical thinking – how can this skill set be applied in my role
    • Developing my strategic thinking competence – planning the way forward

    Project flow

    Diagnosis and prework
    • in-take interview with the project sponsor
    • diagnosis of participants’ needs (online questionnaire and calls)
    • prework for participants (material to watch, read or listen to)
    Virtual workshops
    • training divided into 2 workshops, 3,5 hours each
    • interactive working methods: discussions, chat, virtual board, questionnaires, videos, case studies, breakout rooms, external tools (Mentimeter, Miro, Funretro)
    • participants: up to 12 people
    Summary and follow up
    • training materials for participants
    • access to the ETTA knowledge base
    • follow up call with the project sponsor