Future of Work

Complex Problem Solving

During this training you will unlock your problem-solving potential and become a more resourceful and proactive problem-solver in your professional and personal life. Through interactive discussions and real-world case studies, you’ll learn how to identify root causes, generate innovative solutions, and implement action plans to address complex problems.

Who is this training for?

For leaders, managers and employees, who are members of teams and want to improve their competence in the area of problem solving.

Consult this training

    What you will learn in the virtual workshop:
    • you will understand the basics of effective problem solving process, 
    • you will learn practical frameworks and methodologies to break down complex issues into manageable components,
    • you will learn how to make well-informed and timely decisions in complex and uncertain environments, balancing multiple factors and stakeholders’ interests,
    • you will gain the ability to analyze complex problems systematically, identify root causes, and evaluate potential solutions.
    Advantages of the virtual training
    • guarantee of interactive participation in training with the use of online engaging tools
    • half-day workshops allow flexible organization of the workday
    • relationships building with remote colleagues through joint participation in training
    • participation in the workshop from anywhere, all you need is access to a computer

    Virtual workshop program

    Module 1

    Foundations of problem solving

    • What is a problem
    • Root cause analysis, systems thinking and problem decomposition – ways to define the problem
    • How not to be biased – critical thinking skills
    • Analysing the data – what are our inputs and how to use them
    • Generating ideas – can we be more creative? Most popular tools to gather ideas
    • Main challenges while generating ideas and how to overcome them

    Module 2

    Mastering problem solving skills

    • Decision making proces – how to select the best solution
    • System thinking – consequences of the decision making proces
    • How to communicate our decisions 
    • Team work – why problem solving proces can sometimes break the teams and how to avoid it
    • Is this allContinious Improvement as a skill of the future related to problem solving
    • Case study and next steps

    Project flow

    Diagnosis and prework
    • in-take interview with the project sponsor
    • diagnosis of participants’ needs (online questionnaire and calls)
    • prework for participants (material to watch, read or listen to)
    Virtual workshops
    • training divided into 2 workshops, 3,5 hours each
    • interactive working methods: discussions, chat, virtual board, questionnaires, videos, case studies, breakout rooms, external tools (Mentimeter, Miro, Funretro)
    • participants: up to 12 people
    Summary and follow up
    • training materials for participants
    • access to the ETTA knowledge base
    • follow up call with the project sponsor