Cross-culture cooperation and communication

Relocation training for expats

Relocation training is a special intercultural training aimed at expats. Its goal is to learn about cultural similarities and differences between the country of origin and the country of arrival both in business and private life. This will help you minimize culture shock and get you back on your feet faster in the new country.

Who is this training for?

For expats who are taking on a role in a new country and want to prepare for it both in a business and personal context.

Consult this training

    What you will learn in the virtual workshop:
    • to interpret the rules regulating everyday life in the target country, which will make it easier for you to adapt to the new place,
    • to understand the principles of establishing contacts and building relationships in a new team,
    • to understand key cultural differences and prepare for situations that may surprise or irritate you,
    • to plan activities that support adaptation and minimize culture shock.
    Advantages of the virtual training
    • guarantee of interactive participation in training with the use of online engaging tools
    • half-day workshops allow flexible organization of the workday
    • relationships building with remote colleagues through joint participation in training
    • participation in the workshop from anywhere, all you need is access to a computer

    Virtual workshop program

    Module I

    Psychological aspects of relocation

    • Functioning in a multicultural environment
    • What are my experiences in contact with a particular nation?
    • The concept of culture as an “iceberg”
    • What is culture shock and how to manage it
    • General characteristics of the given country
    • Comparison of key cultural differences between country of origin and target country on culture dimensions
    • How to build trust in private and professional life
    • Expressivity, hierarchy, approach to time, relationships vs. tasks

    Module II

    Life in the new country – professional and private domains

    • What and how is communicated in the given country?
    • What is my communication style and how can I adapt
    • Potentially difficult areas in cooperation with people of the given nation
    • How are conflicts resolved in a given culture
    • How to establish relationships and friendships
    • Everyday life: shopping, transport, formalities
    • Rules of society, norms, and values
    • Personal action plan for relocation period

    Project flow

    Diagnosis and prework
    • in-take interview with the project sponsor
    • diagnosis of participants’ needs (online questionnaire and calls)
    • prework for participants (material to watch, read or listen to)
    Virtual workshops
    • training divided into 2 workshops, 3,5 hours each
    • interactive working methods: discussions, chat, virtual board, questionnaires, videos, case studies, breakout rooms, external tools (Mentimeter, Miro, Funretro)
    • participants: up to 12 people
    Summary and follow up
    • training materials for participants
    • access to the ETTA knowledge base
    • follow up call with the project sponsor